Our Story

Our scone curator has been baking and concocting a variety of sweet treats for 20 over years for friends and family. But it wasn't until 2014, with a push from her daughter, that she decided to take the leap and  turn a life long dream into reality. 

Starting a business, even on a small scale, takes a lot of planning, licensing, certifications, and other shenanigans. Finally, down to the wire, everything was completed in May of 2015.

By then, we were ready to start the Outdoor Farmers Market. While there was a lot of planning involved, we didn't set too high of expectations for the first year. But each week we started picking up momentum, selling out of our scones and brownies, and gaining new and regular customers.

Along with the market we decided to test the waters to see if local businesses wanted to sell our product. To our surprise they did! We are so appreciative of the support and opportunity that these businesses have given us.

Fast forward to the end of summer, on an "out of curiosity" visit to MoDiv which turned into a "wow, we are doing this" event. Whatever you believe in, it was as if opening a location was meant to be. The day before we looked at MoDiv to see if there were any open spots, a business pulled out and decided not to rent. And by chance, as we were looking at the other businesses, we noticed the "For Lease" sign laying up against a wall by the bathroom. Within less than a week, we signed the lease and got the keys to our new adventure! 

Here we go!

Why Scones?

Food trends come and go. But scones have been around for ages (we're sure.) Our original scone recipe has evolved into many different flavors over the years; most of which were created based on conversations with friends about their favorite foods.

You've heard the term "Can it waffle?" Well, we've taken that term and wondered "Can it scone?" Most often the answer is yes. It's not to say that there weren't failed attempts, like the bulgogi (marinated Korean beef) scone - which came out too wet and the marinade was too overpowering. Lessons learned... And more to follow!

Craft Beer Brownies?!

People are intrigued and surprised when they see "craft beer brownies" in our window. Yep, our brownies are made with craft beer. We may not have been the first in the "world", but we were the first in Grand Rapids to sell it commercially! 

These were inspired by a conversation (the night before our dinner club bottle share) with our buddy Justin who said our other friend Wade suggested making brownies with craft beer for dessert. Intriguing, we thought. We've made brownies before, but never with craft beer. Our first batch was made with Goose Island's Bourbon County Brand Stout. Yes, we set the bar high, and we know beer like this is meant to be enjoyed in its natural form. But, if we are going to make craft beer brownies, we're going to make it with one of the best beers around! The brownies were amazing if we don't say so ourselves. The flavor of the Bourbon County Stout really shined through, and just something about this beer makes the corners of the brownie chewy and the center so tender, almost like a soufflé . We were hooked and the rest was history.

We have experimented with quite a few beers and different toppings since then. All of which worked great. As new beers are released, we will continue to experiment with different flavor combinations!

We hope you join us on this journey! Thank you for visiting!

- Masen James