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Masen James is an online bakery and catering company out of Grand Rapids, MI that specializes in artisan scones, specialty cookies, and the first to sell Craft Beer Brownies commercially in GR. We also make craft beer cupcakes, fudge, and other sweet treats. 

All of the items we sell is prepared and baked fresh for you in the Downtown Market Incubator Kitchen. We often sell out quickly, so if there is something in particular that you are looking for, let us know and we'll have it ready for you! 

One thing we've learned on this baking journey, is that scones get a bad rap. The last to be picked on the team. The underdog of pastry. You get my point. Well, our scones are not like your traditional scones. They have crispy edges, a tender inside, and are unique. It's not dry, pasty, or rock hard like other scones.

What makes our scones unique? Besides its texture, it's the variety of flavors we have. Sure, we have traditional flavors. But we love to experiment with a variety of flavor combinations. To date we have over 30 flavors and at the market will rotate six different flavors each week. Some of them are even served with a house made glaze or an amuse bouche as an accompaniment. 

When people ask "what are those?" and we reply "scones," many people give us the "face." You know the face where they don't want to try it, but since we have samples they'll try it to be polite.  But once they do, they're pleasantly surprised!

"Artisan scones? Really?" is another question we'll get.  All of our scones are made in small batches, nothing is massed produced with a machine. We chop and mix everything by hand, ensuring that each scone has the right amount of ingredients. 

Our scones and brownies contain only the finest ingredients. We use minimally processed ingredients and don't use any preservatives. And any time we can, we use local products. Shortcuts and sub-par ingredients are immediately "shut down" by our Scone Curator. No, seriously! 

That is a little about us. If it has peaked your interest, reach out and give us a try. Or if you have tried our products and want more, we are here to make you: custom order items, baskets, platters, or cater your special event with an advanced 48 hours to a week (depending on the size) notice. We will work with you to make your ordering ideas come true!

For wholesale inquiries or partnerships, please contact us at

We may be tiny, but promise that our products will be one the tastiest that you have ever tasted!

- Masen James Bakery